To Paidi Me To Patini



Press Release

Pavlos Pavlidis reveals one more song from his upcoming album “To Mavro Kouti” (meaning “The Black Box”) which is set to be released on December 10 by United We Fly.

Pavlοs is taking a walk in the empty –due to lockdown restrictions- city of Athens at midnight. Somewhere in the narrow alleys of Kypseli, a kid riding an electric scooter at high speed passes him by. Pavlos, instantly takes out his cell phone and starts typing the first lyrics of “To Paidi Me To Patini”.


Produced by Pavlos Pavlidis
Recorded by Giannis Lampropoulos
Mixed by Stavros Georgiopoulos
Mastered by Giannis Christodoulatos/Sweetspot Productions Studio

(c) 2021 United We Fly
(p) 2021 United We Fly

Pavlos Pavlidis: guitar, vocals, synths
Dimitris Tsekouras: electric bass
Giorgos Theodoropoulos: synths
Thanos Michailidis: drums
Christos Vigos: backing vocals
Irene Skylakaki: backing vocals