Press Release

“I got my first taste of “Souvenir” a few years ago, when producer Andres Mesa sent me a voice recording of some beautiful piano chords he had come up with. They were so irresistible that I had to turn them into a song. Having just gone through a breakup, the task felt simple and organic. We then spent a couple of years playing around with different versions of the song, until Hristos Lainas helped us finalize it. I shared the end-result with Jay-Jay Johanson, an artist I admire and respect enormously, and on new year’s eve I was presented with the most surreal surprise. Jay-Jay had not only remixed the song, but had also added his vocals to it. In a very serendipitous way, we found ourselves in South Africa, shooting a music video with David East, a director whose work I’m a big fan of. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed this journey.”
Irene Skylakaki

Music by Andres Mesa & Irene Skylakaki
Lyrics by Irene Skylakaki
Production by Andres Mesa, Hristos Lainas & Irene SkylakakiMixed by Jay-Jay Johanson
Mastering : Steve Lado
Music Video: David East
Artwork Photo: David East
Art Direction: Marina Psimikaki(c) 2020 United We Fly
(p) 2020 United We Fly