Kontoula Lemonia

Artist: Danai Nielsen


Press Release

“Kontoula lemonia was recorded back in 2014, when I was living in Germany. It was the last song my grandmother sung to me during the last phone call I received form her. It was Christmas. For me, this song speaks about the love to female power and the beauty of femininity. This year, Kontoula Lemonia was my wake up call during the lock-down. It’s Reggae, it’s Greek Traditional, the accent sounds like we all sound when speaking a different language. It is a song for our multicultural world society.”
Danai Nielsen

Produced by:
Danai Nielsen
Giorgos Mufatsa Athanasiou
Orestis Chatzitheodorou
Production Assistant:
Kostas Zampos
Thodoris Polychronopoulos
Bass : Mampre Kasardjan
Percussions : Aggelos Polychronou
Special Vocals : Jef Maraawi

Mixed & Mastered by : Kostas Veriggas

Music Video: Ioannis Nikiforos
Artwork Photo: Paris Anagnostopoulos
Graphics: Designature

(c) 2020 United We Fly
(p) 2020 United We Fly