The Lisper

Artist: Theodore


Press Release
Almost one year after his third personal album “Inner Dynamics” and important milestones such as his appearance at the SXSW festival, his Tiny Desk Concert at the NPR studios and two EU tours, Theodore surprises us with yet another release. The single The Lisper, loud and bright is his first love song and completely different from what we have been used to expect from Theodore until now.

In this song, according to Theodore, in contrary to everything before, he managed to put all the emotions he wanted and needed to express in the 4 minutes it lasts. It is in the first part that we focus on the simplicity of his voice and the lyrics where he recollects feelings of various stages of his adult life, leading us to the second part with the brass section giving the feeling of a philarmonic ceremoniously playing on the streets of a Greek island giving the notion of a celebration!

Music and lyrics by Theodore

Produced, engineered, recorded and mixed by Vagelis Moschos
Mastering : Steve Lado

Arranged by Theodore
Co-Arranged by Ashley Hallinan, Nikolas Papachronopoulos, Manos Kourkoulis, John Lefas

Orchestra score written by Theodore
Piano, Rhodes, Glockenspiel, Vocals: Theodore

Guitars: Manos Kourkoulis, John Lefas
Drums: Ashley Hallinan
Bass: Nikolas Papachronopoulos

Cello: Michalis Porfyris
Viola: Ilias Sdoukos
Violins: Eugjen Zhibaj, Kokolanis Laertis
Trombone: George Krimperis
Trumpet: Spyros Arkoudis
French Horn: Nikos Anyfantis
Clarinets: Lefteris Tryfonas, Ioannis Kritikos
Flutes: Ana Chifu, Nafsika Tsara

Drums, Bass, Brass, Woodwinds, Strings recorded @ Kyriazis studio, Athens
Assistant engineers: Thanos Kaleas, Nikos Goudinakis

Guitars, Vocals recorded @ Suono studio, Athens
Assistant engineer: Alex Bolpasis

Piano, Rhodes, Glockenspiels recorded @ United we Fly studio, Athens
Engineer: Vagelis Moschos

(P) & (C) 2019 United We Fly