Perimenontas To Fos

Artist: George Karras



Press Release

“Perimenontas To Fos” is the second single of the long-awaited comeback album by George Karras (bassist and main songwriter at TRIPES band). “Perimenontas To Fos” (waiting for the light) is a melancholic dialogue between a piano, an electric bass and a clarinet, flanked by the atmospheric sound of the ambient guitar. The song is inspired by the luminous individuals that led humanity to the age of enlightenment and progress, in dark times like the Middle Ages.


Music, arrangement: George Karras

Recording, mixing, mastering: Titos Kariotakis, Christos Charbilas


Vasilis Baharidis: drums

George Karras: bass

Babis Papadopoulos: guitar

Iraklis Iosifidis: double bass

Giorgos Christianakis: piano

Thanos Sideris: clarinet

Lila Manola: cello

Nikos Charbilas: glockenspiel