Horis Ithaki

Artist: George Karras



Press Release

Horis Ithaki” is the first single of the long-awaited comeback album by George Karras (bassist and main songwriter at TRIPES band), which will be released 30 years after his debut personal album. “Horis Ithaki” is a melancholic instrumental rock track that retains George Karras’ trademark sound, but also experiments with double bass & piano in an almost jazz feeling. “Horis Ithaki” is a song about travelling without the need of a destination.


Music, arrangement: George Karras
Recording, mixing, mastering: Titos Kariotakis, Christos Charbilas

Vasilis Baharidis: drums
George Karras: bass
Babis Papadopoulos: guitar
Iraklis Iosifidis: double bass
Giorgos Christianakis: piano
Thanos Sideris: clarinet
Lila Manola: cello
Nikos Charbilas: glockenspiel
Artwork by Monoscopic Studio