Apopse Filao Ton Eafto Mou Gia Sena

Artist: Paidi Travma



Press Release

“Apopse Filao Ton Eafto Mou Gia Sena” is the second single of the long-awaited album “Mainstream” from Paidi Travma. It combines various and conflicting orchestrations like cinematic strings, rock bass guitar riffs and classic trumpets. At the same time, the lyrics speak of another kind of conflicting orchestration; our internal one. Can we break the emotional barriers we are constantly building for ourselves?


Lyrics, music, vocals, organ, bass, guitar: Tassos Karteris
Synths, drums, clavinet, glockenspiel, piano, percussion: Kostas Zabos
Vocals: Aimilia Papatheohari
Violin: Nefeli Liouta
Double Bass: Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
Trumpet: Giannis Panagiotou
Production, Arrangement, Recording: Kostas Zabos, Tassos Karteris
Mixing: Stavros Georgiopoulos

Mastering: Costas Verigas

(c) 2023 United We Fly
(p) 2023 United We Fly