Man and His Tools (strings version)

Artist: Theodore



Press Release

A year after the release of ‘The Voyage’, Theodore revisits the concept album’s starting point ‘Man and His Tools’ and retells the story by mixing melodic strings and piano with eerie electronics. Drumbeats, synths and warm vocal drops meet the classical strings quartet, elevating the cinematic atmosphere of the original version and creating a euphoric sonic experience. The story remains the same; in a classic metaphor for human evolution, the traveler is trying to escape a sci-fi dystopia.


All music & lyrics by Theodore

Theodore : vocals, piano
Kostas Zabos : drums, synths
Michalis Porfyris: cello
Ilias Sdoukos: viola
Periklis Timpalexis: violin
Sergiu Nastasa: violin

Recorded by Kostas Zabos at United We Fly studios
Produced by Kostas Zabos & Theodore
Mixed by Stavros Georgiopoulos
Mastered by Costas Verigas

(c) 2023 United We Fly
(p) 2023 United We Fly