Andromeda FM

Artist: Echo Tides



Press Release

Born during the quarantine period and heavily inspired by the corresponding post-apocalyptic vibe, “Andromeda FM” is a set of surreal and sci-fi poetic narratives that altogether make up the long-awaited third album of Echo Tides. In “Andromeda Fm”, Echo Tides compose more freely than ever, sing in Greek language and give us their most intimate and romantic album so far. A meeting point of synth pop sounds and post punk outbursts under an omnipresent new wave prism.

While their previous albums were created in a home-recording DIY spirit, “Andromeda FM” is a solely studio work, with 9 tracks recorded by Nikos Triantafillou and mastered by Iraklis Vlachakis, at the Sonic Playground Studio.

We got a glimpse of their revisited aesthetic identity through the singles and their accompanying videos that were released during the last few months; “Tounel” (directed by Giorgos Gousis), “I Aorati Kordela” (directed by Dimitris Tsakaleas & Lida Vartzioti) & “Arhaggelos” ( directed by Jacqueline Lentzou).

Echo Tides are a group of musicians, but mostly a group of humans that feel very close to each other, although they live faraway. Panagiotis Pantazis (known as Pan Pan/ production, synthesizers, vocals) writes the lyrics and composes the music along with Johnny Anagnostopoulos (bass, synthesizers). Kalliopi Mitropoulou handles the lead vocals while Giorgos Ligouriotis plays the drums. In “Andromeda FM”, Echo Tides collaborated with Nefeli Walking Undercover whose magnetic voice we can enjoy on “To Magiko Traino” and “I Aorati Kordela”.


Music: Johnny Anagnostopoulos / Panagiotis Pantazis / Giorgos Ligouriotis
Lyrics: Panagiotis Pantazis
Recording: Nikos Triantafillou
Mastering: Iraklis Vlahakis
Production: Panagiotis Pantazis / Nikos Triantafillou

Giorgos Ligouriotis: Drums
Kalliopi Mitropoulou: Vocals
Johnny Anagnostopoulos: Bass / Synthesizers
Panagiotis Pantazis: Synthesizers / Sequencers / Vocals
Nefeli Walking Undercover: Additional Vocals (“I Aorati Kordela” & “To Magiko Traino”)

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