Artist: Echo Tides



Press Release

Arhaggelos’ is the third and final single of Echo Tides’ upcoming album Andromeda FM out on March 3rd by United We Fly. This is what happens when the songwriting duo is made of a hip hop and a black metal fan; A new wave sound with crackly noises from Pan Pan’s old radio player sweeps over a dark, lyrical bassline, while the lyrics talk about the unconditional love that keeps you warm, even when it comes from people that are not alive anymore.


Music: Giannis Anagnostopoulos / Panagiotis Pantazis / Giorgos Ligouriotis
Lyrics: Panagiotis Pantazis
Recording: Nikos Triantafillou
Mastering: Iraklis Vlahakis
Production: Panagiotis Pantazis / Nikos Triantafillou

Giorgos Ligouriotis: Drums
Kalliopi Mitropoulou: Vocals
Giannis Anagnostopoulos: Bass / Synthesizers
Panagiotis Pantazis: Synthesizers / Sequencers / Vocals

(c) 2023 United We Fly
(p) 2023 United We Fly