Floating (Revisited)

Artist: Theodore



Press Release

Theodore brings “Floating” -originally released on 2018’s “Inner Dynamics” LP- to today with a completely modern and powerful approach. Without losing the mystic atmosphere of the original track, in this reinterpreted version, the post rock feeling is replaced by synths and electronic pop sounds that create the undeniable link between the “Inner Dynamics” and “The Voyage” eras. The new version breaches into the ongoing Voyage concept, aiming for an otherworldly retelling of “Floating”.


All music and lyrics by Theodore
Theodore : vocals, synths
Kostas Zabos : production, synths, percussion, programming
Stavros Georgiopoulos : mixing
Costas Verigas : mastering”

(c) 2023 United We Fly
(p) 2023 United We Fly