Artist: Theodore



Press Release

“Voyage”, the third and final preview to the upcoming “The Voyage” LP by Theodore, is a breathtaking, synth-heavy meditation on awakening that immerses the listener in a cinematic soundscape.

“Voyage” opens with spacious synth arrangements to create a stirring ethereal atmosphere. The floating ambience builds with exquisite cinematic orchestration, as lyrically Theodore continues to explore the wonderment of the universe and spiritually.

Theodore said “Voyage” represents the final part of the journey. It’s the point where the traveller leaves the physical world behind, a world that used to define him. It is the moment when he evolves into his spiritual self. The destination, time and space are yet unknown. “Voyage” is their moment of awareness.

Vocals, Synths, Piano, Rhodes, Clavinet, Glockenspiel: Theodore
Guitars: Manos Kourkoulis, John Lefas
Drums, Percussion : Ashley Hallinan
Bass : Nikolas Papachronopoulos
Synths, Percussion, Samples : Kostas Zabos

All music and lyrics by Theodore
Arranged and produced by Kostas Zabos and Theodore

Engineered, recorded and programmed by Kostas Zabos, Stavros Georgiopoulos

Additional recordings by Vagelis Moschos

Mixed by Alex Bolpasis
Mastered by Dimitris Papadimitriou in Sweetspot Productions

Recording studios
United We Fly Studio, Athens
AntArt Studio, Athens | Assistant Engineer: Nikos Goudinakis
Suono Studio, Athens | Assistant Engineer: Alex Bolpasis, Gustav Penka Diskex Studio, Athens | Assistant Engineer: Sergios Voudris

(c) 2022 United We Fly
(p) 2022 United We Fly