Inner Dynamics Deluxe Limited Edition

Artist: Theodore



LP special edition
special edition handmade boxset / Double LP


Taken from Theodore’s ‘Inner Dynamics’ album artwork
Custom Made pattern
One color (back) silk-screened print

Theodore’s intoxicating LP Inner Dynamics is an emotional whirlwind of kaleidoscopic texture; “Disorientationbegins with mystifying whispers, and a pulsating bass until Theodore’s heavy-hearted voice brings in dream-induced dramatism. The gentle yet thought provoking “Alcyoneis soaked in glimmering pianos and a composed atmosphere. “Floating is an ethereal merging between the ocean and the sky, Theodore’s powerful, reverb-drenched vocal delivery portrays his ability to lull and immerse simultaneously, before erupting into a driving post-rock sections. The album’s closer, “Fluttering,” is a sincere reflection on the album as a whole; concise percussion and drum rolls sit beneath emotive pianos and synthesizer bliss.

Special Limited Edition Double LP 

Special edition handmade boxset including:
– 2 Vinyl Records
– Artist’s Handwritten Notes and Lyrics

All music and lyrics by Theodore
Produced by Vagelis Moschos
Theodore – piano, synths, Rhodes, marimba, vocals
Ashley Hallinan – drums, marimba, pads, percussion
Nikolas Papachronopoulos – bass
Melentini – synths
Alessandro Giovanetto – guitars, Rhodes
Giorgos Krimperis – trombone
Spyros Vergis – trombone
Chris Giakkas– trombone
Yorgos Pirpassopoulos – narration
Qatar Philarmonic Orchestra
Vagelis Moschos – editing, sound design, soundscapes
Recorded by Vagelis Moschos
Mixed at Clouds Hill Studio, Hamburg by Vagelis Moschos
Mastered at Soundgarden Studio, Hamburg by Flo Siller

Recordings took place in :
Hamburg, Clouds Hill Studios – assistant engineers:
Vaggelis Chasiotis, Sebastian Muxfeldt

Athens, United We Fly Studio – assistant engineer:
Vaggelis Chasiotis

Santorini, Black Rock Studio – assistant engineer:
Nikos Goudinakis

Athens, Lizard Sound Studio – assistant engineers:
Dimitris Karpouzas, Vaggelis Chasiotis
Athens, Kyriazis Studio – assistant engineer: Thanos Kaleas
Athens, AntArt studio – assistant engineer: Vaggelis Chasiotis

Qatar Philarmonic Orchestra conducted by Elias Grandy
Written and Arranged by Theodore

Score editing, assistant : Alessandro Giovanetto
Orchestra recorded in Qatar, Katara Studios by Matt Howe

Studio assistants : Shakeeb Aref, Dani Rajan,
Hilas Keyeenta Valappil, Thahasin Kasim

Art direction, artwork, packaging and layout design by Alexandra Alexandridou
Artwork, packaging and layout design by Alexandra Alexandridou

(P) 2018 United We Fly
(C) 2018 United We Fly