Towards? (for what is to come) | EP

Artist: Theodore


Theodore’s ‘Towards? (for what is to come)’ is the first single from his new album coming out in 2018.

“This is the initial question I will be exploring throughout the album. It is about the two different sides of one’s personality; the conscious and the magical one and inspired by the battle between them.” Theodore

Music and lyrics by Theodore

Theodore: vocals, synths, kaoss pad
Melentini: synths
Alessandro Giovanetto: guitars
Nikolas Papachronopoulos: bass guitar
Ashley Hallinan: drums

Recorded at Cloudshill Studio, Hamburg by Vagelis Moschos and Vaggelis Chasiotis
Mixed and produced by Vagelis Moschos
Mastered by Steve Lado

Cover artwork by Alexandra Alexandridou

(P) 2018 United We Fly
(C) 2018 United We Fly