Press Release

Across eight tracks that combine music from acoustic instruments with electronic and processed sounds, one of Athens’ most prolific jazz figures, Mihalis Kalkanis, sketches a new European sound with melodic motifs that sometimes “touch” the West and others leave a Greek and Balkan scent. The resulting album “Emotions” was recorded live at the Megaron Music Hall and it is the first recorded documentation of Mihalis Kalkanis Group. “Emotions” is a landmark of the three year journey of the group, a deep and sentimental musical path full of emotions, images and colors. Mihalis Kalkanis Group has been praised for its special performances in some of the most eclectic festivals in Greece such as Athens Jazz Festival, Summer Nostos Festival – SNFCC & Athens Epidaurus Festival.

Lefteris Andriotis: lyra, piano (2)
Vasilis Baharidis: drums, children’s drums set (7), percussion (2,6)
Orestis Benekas: piano (5,6,7), synth bass (1,4), keyboards (2,3), sequencer (8), vocal loops (3)
Christos Kalkanis: clarinet, vocal solo (3)
Mihalis Kalkanis: double bass, piano (1,3,4,8), vocals (1,5), keyboards (1,5,7,8)

All music composed by Mihalis Kalkanis
Recording and mixing by Panos Rizopoulos
Mastering by Anestis Psaradakos at Athens Mastering
Recorded live at Megaron the Athens Concert Hall in October 2020
Mixed at Sierra Recording Studios in November 2021
Photography by Vaggelis Patsialos
Layout by John Kontandreopoulos / Semitone Labs

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