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Press Release

After years of absence from discography, Panos Birbas returns with his third personal album, “Dandelion”, which is out not on United We Fly!

The singles “Bloom” and “November” have already opened a window for the audience to peak into the world of “Dandelion”, a world of bittersweet stories where the dance of the “thief” in the wind lurks all around. A dance that secretly invites us to get up from our chair and choose light over darkness.
“Dandelion” is musically arranged by the artist himself and is based purely on the principles of songwriting, with a mix of influences starting from the 60s and ending in the dreamy melancholy of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Madrugada and Tindersticks. An album musically clean and organic, with a particularly cinematic mood dominated by brass, strings, synths and piano.

“Dandelion” is also defined by the participation of three outstanding voices of contemporary music (Rosey Blue, Lola Yannopoulou and Etten), while the contribution of Yiannis Christodoulatos and Thanasis Alexandris in production, mixing and mastering is critical for the result.
“On ‘Dandelion’, I tried to pull back the curtain, to reveal myself as raw and clear as possible, I tried to write about what I love the most, using all my favourite music as the ideal vehicle to carry these words.” (Panos Birbas)

Panos Birbas is a professional songwriter, arranger and music producer, born in Athens in 1983. In 2013 he released his first personal LP under the title “Mournful” (FM records) and in 2015 the single “Lullaby”. In 2017 he released his second personal LP under the title “Finchley Road” (Violins productions), which meets great acceptance. In 2020 he released the single “City Streets” as well as an acoustic version of “Dead Bones” and in 2021 the single “Pull Me Out”.  Since 2015 he has been the frontman of Dustbowl and together, they have performed live as an opening act for Dream Syndicate, Mark Lanegan, and more.


Lyrics & Music: Panos Birbas
Arrangement: Panos Birbas
Production: Yiannis Christodoulatos
Co-Producers: Panos Birbas / Thanasis Alexandris
Editing : Thanasis Alexandris
Mixed and mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot Productions
Drums and synths rec by Dimitris Staikopoulos at Electricity Sound Studios

  1. Words (feat. Rosey Blue)
    Lead Vox /  Ac. Gtr / Synths : Panos Birbas
    Lead Vox : Rosey Blue
    El. Gtr / Bass Gtr : Thanasis Alexandris
    Piano / Rhodes Piano / Organ : Alexis Stenakis
    Drums : Vangelis Tsimplakis
  1. Bloom
    Lead Vox /Synth : Panos Birbas
    Vocals : Rosey Blue / Etten
    Classical Gtr / Bass Gtr : Thanasis Alexandris
    Piano / Rhodes Piano / Farfisa / Organ / Synth : Alexis Stenakis
    Drums : Vangelis Tsimplakis
    Percussion : Yiannis Christodoulatos
  1. Long Gone
    Lead Vox / Farfissa / Organ / El. Gtr / Programming (Percusssion) : Panos Birbas
    Vocals : Etten
    El. Gtr / Bass Gtr : Thanasis Alexandris
    Rhodes Piano : Alexis Stenakis
    Drums : Vangelis Tsimplakis
    Fingers / Vocals (Murmur) : Yiannis Christodoulatos
    Cello (Intro) : Stavros Parginos
  1. November (feat. Lola Yannopoulou)
    Lyrics: Anna Mertzani
    Lead Vox: Panos Birbas
    Lead Vox: Lola Yannopoulou
    Ac. Gtrs / Organ: Panos Birbas
    Piano: Alexis Stenakis
    Bass Gtr: George Constantinou
    Trumpets: Sotiris Pepelas
    Cellos: Stavros Parginos
  1. April
    Ac. Gtr / El. Gtr / Bass Gtr / Synths / Drums / Percussion: Panos Birbas
    Piano: Alexis Stenakis
    Trumpets: Sotiris Pepelas
    Cellos: Stavros Parginos
    Accordion: Vaso Michailidou
    Percussion: Thanasis Alexandris
  1. Scars
    Vocals / Bass Gtr / Slide Gtr / Synths : Panos Birbas
    El. Gtr : Nikos Flengas
    El. Gtr : Thanasis Alexandris
    Drums : Vangelis Tsimplakis
  1. Waltz
    Lead Vox / Rhodes Piano / Synths: Panos Birbas
    Vocals: Etten
    El. Gtr: Thanasis Alexandris
    Ac. Gtrs: Isidoros Pateros
    Drums: Vangelis Tsimplakis
    Trumpets: Sotiris Pepelas
    Accordion: Vaso Michailidou
  1. Dandelion’s dance (feat. Etten)
    Lead Vox / Piano / Ac. Gtr: Panos Birbas
    Lead Vox: Etten
    Piano / Synth Bass: Alexis Stenakis
    Percussion: Thanasis Alexandris
    Trumpets: Sotiris Pepelas
    Cellos: Stavros Parginos
  1. Sunburned
    Lead Vox / Ac. Gtr / Slide Gtr / Farfisa / Percussion / Programming / Whistling: Panos Birbas
    El. Gtr / Acoustic Gtr / Bass Gtr: Nick Fysakis

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(p) 2023 United We Fly