Sworr. (John Tsallas και Robin K ) are an alt pop duet based in Athens, Greece that has a unique sound and explores the paths of electronica and beyond.  Confessional lyrics, alternative pop that goes in a downcast electro path, extroverted melodies, and up-tempo bursts, with soul and hip-hop elements in a modern aesthetic, compose Sworr.’s unique energy.In March 2018, they released their debut album “SWORR.”, that sold out in less than a month. Their debut album explores the darker paths of downcast electronica. Spoken words floating on ether uncover the truth of a bleeding youth that persists, against a world domineered by a twisted perception of one’s self. Transforming hardship into beats and words, beyond sterile grooves, Sworr. set emotions into motion. Their long-awaited second album was released in March 2019 from United We Fly. “Honest” goes a bit further, by combining their signature sound with drill, house and hip-hop beats at parts, keeping the vocals in the center of all, either as spoken words or as mellow soul vocal lines. Having toured to multiple festivals and venues all around Greece and Europe, Sworr.’s live performances are distinguished by their unique atmosphere and impressive lighting design, that create a coherent audiovisual experience.


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