About Us

United We Fly is an independent music company est. in 2015 – based in Athens GR, with hands-on experience as a Record Label • Booking • Management • Event Productions
Has proved its digital print and social connection, being one of the most active companies in Greece’s music industry, during the pandemic, hosting virtual concerts – helping support many artists of different genres throughout social distancing times and entertain people whose livelihoods were disrupted by the pandemic, offering music open to all!
Our talented team aims to create a “musically friendly environment” for musicians who share our values and would like to reach wider audiences, providing high-level services based on careful planning, experience and professionalism.
United We Fly also owns and operates a welcoming spacious studio in the center of Athens, to offer its artists 360 hospitality.
For information about our events, tickets and shop you can contact us
Τel.: +30 21 0698 5340
Mon-Sun: 10:00-18:00
E-mail: info@unitedwefly.com
We try our best to listen to all demos we receive asap and we are always open to your submissions! Please feel free to share your demos at label@unitedwefly.com , based on the following guidelines:
• In private streaming links of Soundcloud, Bandcamp or Youtube
• Avoid wetransfer links or mp3 formats, as they expire and are not delivered due to size, respectively.
• We recommend highlighting two or three songs.
• You can include their lyrics as well.
• We kindly ask you not to use our social media accounts to communicate your demos.
• We will get in touch with you, in case we have some proposal on our side.
If you love music and want to join our team send us your CV at hr@unitedwefly.com