Satellites | EP

Artist: Melentini



Press Release
Multi-talented Melentini, whose 2013 debut album captured the hearts of critics in Greece and abroad and recently became talk-of-the-town amongst cine goers because of her score for the awarded film “Afterlov”, announces the release of her second solo album and presents her new single ‘Satellites‘.
‘Satellites’ is the fifth track from Melentini’s upcoming album ‘ZRSHA; Fundus Uterus‘, out on February 23, 2018 on United We Fly.

Listen to the track here

Music and lyrics written by Melentini
Arranged and produced by Melentini
Vocals, keys and synthesizers performed by Melentini
Electronic beats created by Richard König
Recorded by Richard König
Mixed and produced by Richard König at Shakti Studio, Athens
Mastered by Jason Mitchel at LOUD MASTERING Studio, U.K.

Artwork by Neoklis Delegos
Layout by Alexandra Alexandridou

(P) 2017 United We Fly
(C) 2017 United We Fly